Meet the Horses

It’s time to meet the Magpie Centre’s wonderful team of horses and ponies.

Why not sponsor one of our horses or ponies? You’ll become an extra special member of the RDA family, plus it’s a wonderful way of supporting the Magpie Centre during these difficult times. Click here to find out more >>


Ava is a roan Irish draught mare. She is 16.3hh and was born in 2008.

The biggest horse on the yard with the biggest heart.

Ava rda 3


Buddy is a dark bay Irish cob. He is 14.2hh and was born in 2004.

Buddy enjoys his lessons and is perfect for those clients who lack confidence.

RDA Buddy 5


Cassie is a bay mare. She is 16.2hh and was born in 1995.

Cassie is one of our therapy horses.


Harry is a skewbald cob. He is 15.2hh and was born in 2012.

Harry is a jack of all trades, not only does he provide riding lessons he can also turn his hoof to carriage driving.

Harry 2 RDA


Joey is a black cob. He is 15.0hh and was born in 2009. He is multi-talented; he is able to offer carriage lessons as well as ridden lessons.


Pebbles is a grey, 12.2hh part-bred New Forest pony. She was born in 2009.

Pebbles is one of the smallest ponies on the yard and gives rides to children.

RDA Pebbles 4


Simba is 15hh and he was born in 2008.

He is a piebald Irish Cob Gelding.


Tonto is a skewbald cob-cross. He is 14.3hh and was born in 2011.

Tonto is one of our carriage driving horses. A very handsome boy!


V is a Dutch Warmblood gelding who was born in 2002 and stands at 16.1hh. V is one of our EALT therapy horses.



Ginger is a native pony of Great Britain and is a chestnut mare. Ginger was born in 2015 and is 13hh and gives riding lessons to children.


Mac was born in 2010 and stands at 16hh.


Twiggy was born in 2009 and is 15hh.


Daphne was born in 2010 and is 13.3hh.